Disturbing hacks for Mutable Instruments modules


What is it?

A parasite is an organism living in or on another, benefiting unilaterally from its host. Parasites is a series of free and open source alterative firmwares for the Eurorack modules from Mutable Instruments. Their purpose is to enhance existing features, and add new function and hidden modes, retaining as much as possible factory functionality.

If you own a supported module, you can easily install these firmwares. All you need is to play a .wav file into the module: a laptop and a patch cable will do.

Disclaimer and acknowledgments

All software found on this page is maintained by Matthias Puech, based on Mutable Instrument's open source code, and licenced under the MIT Licence. Code and executables are provided as-is with no guarantee. Address any questions, comments or constructive criticisms to Please, do not bother Mutable Instruments with questions about these firmwares.

As I'm doing this for fun and for my own musical needs, I don't charge anything for it. However if you like this work and want to support my effort, consider donating by clicking the button. If you can't, just drop a note saying that you appreciate it, it'll make me happy!

Special thanks go to Emilie Gillet at Mutable Instruments for releasing the amazing source code of his modules and for all his help on the various projects. Also, thanks to Tim Churches for his ideas and code, and for paving the way of alternate firmwares with his Mutated Mutables project. Thanks to the early volunteer testers. Finally to all users of the MW and MI forums for their comments and ideas.

The Projects