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Matthias Puech
Composer | Programmer | Researcher | Teacher


  Contributed article to Spectres III

Article “On Emergence” featured in the third issue of Spectres, out now on Shelter Press.

  Contributed article to Ideas Sonicas/Sonic Ideas

Article “Space is No Place”, co-authored with Emmanuel Favreau, contributed to the 24th issue of Ideas Sonicas, ed. Luis Naón.

  New album “A Geography of Absence”, available now

Released on on NAHAL Recordings (LP/digital). Distributed by Bigwax (LP) and Bandcamp (digital).

  Invited composer on L’Expérimentale, France Musique

Invited by François Bonnet on INA GRM’s radio show L’Experimentale to present music that influenced my musical discovery.

  Création Mondiale on France Musique

Commissioned and invited by Anne Montaron’s radio show Création Mondiale, composed “Un jardin dont je suis l’espèce exotique”, a 10-minute piece split in 5 episodes, aired each day of the week.

  Festival Akousma 2020

Diffusion of an acousmatic piece for Festival Akousma 2020, organized by INA GRM at Studio 104 in Maison de la Radio.

  Member of INA GRM

Joined INA GRM as a Research & Development scientist and developer taking over from Emmanuel Favreau, notably as the lead developer of the GRM Tools.

  Festival Présences Électronique 2020 [Cancelled]

Live performance for Festival Présences Électronique 2020, organized by INA GRM at Studio 104 in Maison de la Radio. Cancelled due to the pandemic.

  4ms & Matthias Puech Ensemble Oscillator

A new collaboration with 4ms on a Eurorack module, the Ensemble Oscillator, a unified polyphonic voice of sixteen complex oscillators combining additive, FM, phase-distortion and wavefolding synthesis techniques in new unorthodox ways.

  Opening of Sub Rosa at C/O Berlin

Live modular synthesizer generative soundtrack composition and programming for Sylvain Couzinet Jacques“Sub Rosa” multimedia installation at Gallery C/O Berlin. Winner of the C/O Berlin Talent Award and supported by Institut Français and Ministère de la Culture et de la communication.

  Hands in the Dark special at Café OTO and Espace B

Live performances for two consecutive nights at Espace B (Paris) and Café OTO (London) with Piotr Kurek and Papivores.

  Commission work for OTO Machines

Two months collaboration with French instrument maker OTO Machines as DSP algorithm designer and embedded programmer, working on an upcoming product.

  Textility of Making’s premiere at Festival Météo

The Textility of Making performance premiered at Festival Météo in Mulhouse, composed and performed by Julien Boudart and Anaïs Rousset, custom instrument design and programming by Matthias Puech.

  Live on Station Station’s Marie La Nuit

Live performance and interview on Marie La Nuit, a show on French independent online radio Station Station. Podcast available.

  Hadamard on l’Expérimentale

INA GRM’s radio show l’Expérimentale on France Musique broadcasted Mt. Hadamard National Park, a piece commissioned by and created for Radio France’s Festival Présence earlier in February.

  Live for Festival Présences

Radio France’s festival Présences 2019, with support from INA-GRM, commissioned an original live performance. I will be playing this new piece on Feb 16 in the Agora of Maison de la Radio on eight loudspeakers.

  2018 Best Lists

Alpestres appeared in several 2018 top lists: Souffle Continu, L’Ombre sur la Mesure, Schizophrénie, Riccardo Gorone (Impatto Sonoro), Spenser Thomson (The Wire), John Mulvey (MOJO), Eureka

  Alpestres preview in Libération

Libération is previewing a new piece from Alpestres, “Tschäggättä” for their Son du Jour series.

  Live performance on Rinse France

New live performance for broadcast Rue de Plaisance 2PM on Rinse France, host Varoslav.

  New album Alpestres, pre-order open

Album Alpestres, will be released on November 9 on labels Hands in the Dark (LP/digital) and Obsolete Future (CS). Pre-orders start today; hear and download the first single Talausblick vom Hohlichtpass.

  Residency “The Textility of Making” at La Pommerie

One week residency with Julien Boudart and Anaïs Rousset in Gentioux, France, for our common project around weaving and polyphonic music. Supported by DICREAM

  Video interview for SawUp

New extensive video interview, tutorial and improvised live performance for the new course on modular synth for the SawUp online music teaching platform.

  Live at 100ECS, Paris

Invited by Richard Francés of Hylé Productions to open for Setter and play Imperceptible Life.

  Interview for Horizontal Pitch

Long interview with Hannes Pasqualini on his Horizontal Pitch blog, about music-making process, relationship with the modular synth, instrument design etc. Have a look.

  New album Purlieu released

Release of Purlieu on Panatype Records. Available on cassette and digital today, from Panatype’s Bandcamp: https://panatype.bandcamp.com/

  Live at Café OTO

Playing Café OTO in London tonight 7:30PM, for the second edition of Gustave Evrard’s Zone Pélagique. There will be a few Purlieu cassettes available.